Sometimes looking back at the past can help to shape the future

The early 90s were fun, at least for those of us working in the home integration field. This was an era that inspired those of us in the industry. Our projects were in general way more custom for the better and the worse. Either way, we can learn a lot from the past including finding new inspiration for today's projects.

Tivo Bolt, 4K in 1/3 less time, fantastic!

Tivo is synonymous with recorded television, the "DVR" of DVRs. Well, Tivo has been busy improving and giving you the option to reclaim some of your precious time. Introducing the Tivo Bolt, your shows in 4k with the innovative "Quick Mode" allowing you to view your shows 30% faster. Done by slightly speeding up your show with little perceived change, except for the time it takes to watch. Smart Thermostat has been moving quickly to offer superior user experiences, the new Smart Thermostat from integrates seemlessly with the app for iOS and Android. It was not to long ago we would need to invest significant time to create something similar in custom UI for our clients. Great work!

Sonos Playbar brings awesome to all!

Sonos Playbar brings awesome to all!

The Sonos Playbar is a marvel. Really, this thing is cool for several reasons. One, you can use just the Playbar, then add a Play 1 speaker for rear channel sound, then add a Sub, all done without wires. The speaker receives a signal from your TV and you are able to use your TV or Tivo/Cable box remote for volume, simple, great!